Chinese Martial Arts

Lama Pai Kung-Fu (喇嘛派) is the traditional Chinese martial art of the late Master Chan Tai-San, as passed to his adopted disciple Sifu David A Ross. Lama Pai is from China’s western frontier; with Tibetan, Mongolian and Manchurian influences. It is best known for its powerful long arm striking with evasive footwork.

Baoding Shuai Jiao (保定摔跤) is Chinese wrestling, the method of Master Chang Dongsheng. Master Chang was China’s national heavyweight full contact champion, the youngest instructor at the Central Martial Arts Academy, and Chief Instructor at the Taiwan Central Police College. Sifu David A Ross is the current (3rd generation) president of the Chinese Swai Jiao (Shuai Jiao) Association and has over 30 years experience. Shuai Jiao combines powerful throws with immobilizing joint locks. We also teach the special “Dai Bu Shu” or specialized polize tactics.

All the techniques of both systems, including the empty hand sets and the specialized Qi Gong, is taught in this program. Classes are taught in the traditional manner; teaching “body method”, application of “waist power”, and traditonal conditioning methods. In addition to teaching excellent self-defense, learning these methods also increases body awareness and has a surprising Yogic like effect in stretching and strengthening.

These classes are traditional but they are linked to our San Da program as well. We encourage students to take classes in both programs. This is how Sifu David Ross intended the institute to function.

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