Chinese Swai Jiao

Main class Saturdays 12 noon
Practice and review sessions: Thursdays 7:30 pm
Practice and review sessions: Fridays 7:30 pm
** For ongoing classes you must have your own Swai Jiao jacket

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Chinese Swai Jiao classes at NY San Da. Learn authentic Chinese Shuai Jiao (Swai Jiao) under the supervision of Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man, lineage holder for the Chinese Swai Jiao Association (CSJA) under GM Jeng, Hsing-ping.

Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man has been a Martial Artist form ore than forty-five (45) years. Shifu Chin is privileged to be the 2nd Chinese Swai Jiao (Shuai Jiao) Kung Fu Instructor personally trained and certified by Grandmaster Jeng, Hsing-ping. In 1971, GM Jeng introduced traditional Chinese Swai Jiao to the general public and he gave the official CSJA flag and sign in 1986 & 1991 to Shifu Chin. In 2009, GM Jeng presented his personal SJ jacket to Shifu James Chin, Jett-Man “to carry on the teachings of traditional Bao Ding style Chinese Swai Jiao Kung Fu” as the lineage holder for the Chinese Swai Jiao Association (CSJA).

The complete system of Chinese Shuai Jiao covers Throwing (Shuai), Joint Locking (Qin-Na), Striking Techniques (Da), Kicking Techniques (Ti), close quarter combat for Self-Defense (Dze Hwei Shu) and Police Tactics (Dai Bu Shu). Students will eventually have to purchase a Swai Jiao jacket.