About Sifu David A Ross

Sifu David A Ross began training martial arts in large part to regain his health after having been diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of six. At the time of his diagnosis, half the children did not survive and many of those who did survive still had long term health problems. These experiences explain not only his personal dedication to the martial arts but also his lifelong career sharing their benefits.

Sifu Ross was extremely lucky, studying with many famous martial arts teachers over the years, including the late Grandmaster Chan Tai-San who adopted him as a formal disciple in a ceremony known as “Baai Si”. From Chan Tai-San, he learned both Lama Pai Kung-Fu and the “Gam Gong Lihn Gung” (Tibetan Vajra Yoga). He also studied Baoding Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling) in the lineage of the late Grandmaster Chang Dongsheng and is the current (3rd generation) president of the Chinese Swai Jiao Association.

Inspired by Chan Tai-San’s experience as a San Da (hand-to-hand combat) instructor for the Foshan based special forces unit, Sifu Ross also developed his own brand of San Da training, embracing both traditional Chinese martial arts as well as foreign and modern training approaches. He trained three world San Da champions and 18 national Sanshou tournament champions as well as fighters who have competed in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Sifu Ross is also a graduate of the Elliott School of International Affairs with a Masters degree in Chinese history. He is an author, educator and consultant, who has spent more than three decades helping the public better understand real martial arts and helping thousands of individuals achieve their goals and live their dreams. He established New York San Da as part of his wider vision for the martial arts.

Our other staff

David Ross has trained four generations of students, including some who currently have their own programs and schools. The staff at New York San Da have all been personally trained by him.